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About Us

Action on Sepsis is a transdisciplinary group tackling the complex issue of sepsis prevention, diagnosis, and management across the human lifespan.

Our network is bringing together clinicians, researchers, public end users, and health care policymakers to engage in impactful research, to create innovative diagnostics and therapeutics, and to increase visibility of sepsis as a critical local and global health issue.

Our cluster will further sepsis research through three main themes:

  1. Prevention, population & public health
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Management

Each of these themes will bring together researchers exploring sepsis across the lifespan in both high- and low-resource settings to foster collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and cross-pollination.

Our long-term goal is to become the leading centre for research excellence in sepsis, provincially, nationally, and globally. We aim to develop, evaluate, and commercialize new sepsis therapeutics and provide evidence-based, practical recommendations that address medical, behavioural, and social issues impacting sepsis. We will provide this evidence to policy makers, health care professionals, global health organizations, and governments, thereby enabling them to transition discoveries to real world implementation. In doing so, we will increase knowledge of sepsis both locally and globally. We apply lessons learned from BC and share them in a collaborative exchange with others worldwide, while applying the lessons learned abroad to address health inequities that exist within Canada.