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Sepsis Resources

These websites contain information for clinicians, patients & their families, and researchers, including overviews of what sepsis is, how to recongize it, and what its long-term impacts can be.

Are you a sepsis survivor looking for support, or a researcher interested in involving sepsis survivors in your research? Our Patient Advisory Council can support you - learn more here. There are also online groups available for peer support. Visit our Facebook page to connect to other sepsis survivors.

The Pediatric Sepsis Data CoLaboratory is an international data-sharing network of healthcare workers, policy makers, researchers, and advocacy partners collaborating to address the high burden of pediatric sepsis mortality and morbidity globally. Members have access to an open-source data repository, enabling them to 1) access guidelines, tools, algorithms, and many other resources; 2) access and share data through data sharing agreements; and 3) securely store data. Learn more and register to be a member on their website.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity

The Action on Sepsis Research Cluster is committed to reducing inequity and increasing inclusivity within our team and our work. The following resources provide advice and guidance on supporting a working environment and conducting research that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive.