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Funding Opportunities


E.W. "AI" Thrasher Awards

Supports hypothesis-driven medical research that addresses significant health problems in children's health and offers innovative and broader applicable solutions with low barriers to implementation. Up to 3 years of support. Median grant previously awarded was USD $320,000 total. Open to applicants from any country. Details here.

Concept papers accepted in Jan and Jul each year.

Rural Global Health Partnership Initiative

Open to BC medical trainees or physicians with experience and a demonstrated interest in rural medicine and global health. These  grants are meant to support partnerships between rural BC physicians and lower resource communities. They will provide $5,000 or $10,000 for projects that promote and enhance the capacity for generalism in the health services of low-resource and underserved rural communities, in BC and globally. Details here.

Due: Typically Apr 30 and Oct 31 each year

Women RISE: Research to support women’s health and economic empowerment for a COVID-19 Recovery that is Inclusive, Sustainable and Equitable

Support action-orientated population and public health research in LMICs aligned with research priority 3.5 identified in the UN Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery: “How have recent economic changes disproportionately impacted women and how can recovery strategies be inclusive and gender-transformative?” Requires partnership between 1 researcher based in an LMIC, 1 Canadian researcher, 1 decision-maker based in the country research is being conduction. $1,000,000 CAD for 2 years. Details here.

Concept Notes Due: Apr 12, 2022. Full applications: Jun 24, 2022.

New Frontiers for Research Fund 2022 Special Call - Research for Post-Pandemic Recovery

Support Canadian-led, action-orientated projects that directly address one or more of the research priorities outlined in the UN Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery. Up to $250,000/year for 2 years. Details here.

NOI Due: April 26, 2022. Full Application Due: August 9, 2022

Rural Health Services Research Network of BC Team Building Awards

Support development of new multidisciplinary research teams focused on an issue of current importance to rural and remote health services whose main goal is to apply for research funding. Funds can be used for activities, resources and expenses related to building research teams and identifying research themes and questions. $5,000 over 1 year. Details here.

Due: May 31, 2022

Michelson Prizes

Supports promising researchers who are applying disruptive concepts and inventive processes to advance human immunology, vaccine discovery, and immunotherapy research for major global diseases. $150,000 USD. Applicants must be under 35 years of age but can be in any stage of their career. Details here.

Due: Jun 26, 2022


MITACS Accelerate Fellowship

Salary + research support for undergradaute, master's, PhD students, and post-doctoral fellows. $30,000-$45,000/year, for 3 months to 4 years (depends on trainee's status). Requires a partner organization to provide 50% of the funds. Details here.

Rolling deadline. 

MITACS Elevate Fellowship

Salary + research support for Postdoctoral Fellows, for up to 2 years. $80,000/year. Requires a partner organization to provide 50% of the funds. Recipients will also gain access to professional development training that helps them ensure project success and gain in-demand career skills. Details from MITACS here.

COI and NFP Partner Eligibility Check Due Jun 10, 2022.

Full Application Due: Jul 6, 2022

MSFHR Health Professional-investigator Award

Salary support for health professionals who are actively involved in patient care to conduct and apply research relevant to health and/or the health system to improve health outcomes in BC and beyond. $90,000/yr. Details here

LOI Deadline: April 29, 2022. Full Application Deadline: June 20, 2022