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Sepsis Podcast

UBC's Action on Sepsis Podcast is a patient-led podcast series focused on telling the whole journey of Sepsis from the perspective of the patient, along with input from healthcare workers, researchers, and other individuals advocating for improved sepsis care nationally and globally. The focus of our podcast is to showcase a diverse collection of stories and share knowledge from research and clinical fields to support learning from these stories so that we can help protect ourselves and our loved ones. You can listen to them here or on your favorite podcast streaming platform:

Series 3 has launched! 

In Series 1, you will meet your host, Kristine Russell, sepsis survivor and parent of a neonatal sepsis survivor. In the first episode she introduces our podcast and shares her experience with sepsis. In later episodes, she discusses the long-term impacts of neonatal and maternal sepsis with clinicians and researchers at UBC and BC Children's Hospital, and the work they are leading to reduce the burden of sepsis globally.

In Series 2, Kristine Russell speaks with Kristin MacDonald, sepsis survivor turned advocate who will be sharing her story about how she acquired sepsis after a routine surgery in 2016. In later episodes, Kristine delves more into the experiences of sepsis patients with an intensivist from St Pauls' Hospital, and discusses ground-breaking research focuses understanding post-sepsis syndrome with an MD-PhD student at UBC.

In Series 3, Kristine Russell speaks with Shannon McKenney, a Juno-nominated singer and survivor of recurrent sepsis. In this series our host explores two different approaches to improving the identification and management of sepsis: 1) developing new diagnostics using machine learning and changes in gene expression during sepsis, and 2) a province-wide network focused on improving the quality of sepsis (BC Sepsis Network). Kristine also discusses how patients and sepsis survivors can use their lived experiences to support research on sepsis through a conversation with BC SUPPORT Unit.